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Advento consolidates all the advantages of online marketing, software technologies, neural networks and smart-contracts within one platform. Thanks to our double Blockchain technology, we are able to not only make all of the financial operations transparent, but also record each click and even ad impressions in the distributed ledge!


Advento is an innovation in the advertising industry aimed at the creation of an absolutely new intellectual ecosystem. This is based on the idea of decentralization and an artificial brain that acts as its driving force. Our goal is to make online marketing absolutely transparent, self-learning and protected from fraud.

Advento aims to provide an opportunity to work comfortably for both market professionals as well as those, who are just starting out. We will liberate crypto and blockchain marketing, making them independent from governments and financial institutions.

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How does it work

Our platform’s algorithm also takes into account the parameters of spam score and broadcasting time, eliminating possible monopolies and annoying advertisements.

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    A user visits the page.

  • img

    The fee goes to the owner of the site.

  • img

    The platform compares the user’s profile with the requirements set by the advertiser.

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    The platform checks each click and each impression for legitimacy.

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    The platform cuts off bots and fraud.

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    The winner gets the right to display the ad.

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    The ad enters the auction.

Market Volume
$ 47 BLN

ads were blocked in 2017. The ad blockers have become one of the most serious threats to the Internet advertising.

AdBlock Report made by PageFair


of the global traffic comes from robots and advertising traffic fraud.

Research by ANA and White Ops

$ 198 BLN

active Internet users around the globe use advertisement blocking software.

AdBlock Report made by PageFair

  • 33%
  • 35%
  • 39%
  • 41%
  • Others
  • Digital online marketing
  • TV
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018

The increase of the Internet advertising market for the last 4 years compared to TV advertising and off-line marketing.

Report by Magna Global

$ 266 bln

Is what all the online marketing market amounts to in 2018.

Research by eMarketer

Each Internet user sees an average of 400 ads a day.

Forbes Insights Report - Data vs Goliath


of advertisers use their media budget inefficiently.

AdBlock Report made by PageFair

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Advento uses double Blockchain technology
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    The first chain

    The first chain is used for financial settlements and uses ERC 20 token as a base.

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    The second chain

    The second chain is lightning fast and serves to record actions of ad viewers. Advento stores massive amounts of data into this second chain, such as individual ad clicks and impressions a user has left, as well as his general information.

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    Complete Transparency

    Because of all the information Advento has gathered, you can now see a general profile of any user who has either clicked on your ad or even just has seen it. With this, you can independently verify the expenses and the accuracy of Advento decisions.

Protection from Traffic Fraud
Advento Fraud Protection

Many systems rely on third-party mechanisms of fraud identification, with most of them being dependant on Google Adwords. Advento uses its own technology which analyses different characteristics, behavior and transaction history of the user kept within its own extensive database. Next, the AI makes a conclusion based on its own algorithms and determines whether or not the user in question is a robot or not.

browser agent

Display resolution

Relations between
the visits





Record of movements
by mouse pointing
device /finger




Source of
the visit



IP and geography

Advento learns thanks to its own analytical platform
img ADVENTO’s analytical system

Advento analyses the content of each visited page. Based on the data it has gathered, the platform attributes the user short- and long-term interests and completes their profile within its system. The more information Advento has on the visitor, the more accurate the targeting is going to be.

If an interest the current user has doesn’t match anything that is stored in Advento’s database, a new interest is created dynamically. This way, the tree of user interests can grow endlessly with little to no moderation.

Thanks to its own analytical system, Advento is capable of successfully optimizing advertising campaigns as well as testing new ones, based on the generated statistics and data.

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A demonstration of Advento's solutions for ad networks

Ad impression to users

Adblock and other ad-restricting software's bypass

A solution that eliminates
fraudulent activity

Tracking data returns and is recorded into blockchain

How do
solutions work?

An ad is recieved
by Advento

We develop effective solutions based on the Advento platform that are optimized to resolve real problems that the market of online advertising faces. These problems are getting worse by the year and cost advertisers billions of dollars annually.

Distribution of tokens: img

Token Sales




Reserve fund




Development fund







  • The end of the ICO

    Hard Cap ~ 5M USD

  • ICO currencies


  • Number of tokens for the ICO

    40 000 000 ADV (62,5%)

  • Minimal transaction value

    0,2 ETH/0,0125 BTC/ 1 LTC

  • Our Tokens Smart Contract


ROADMAP img img
Q3 2018

Negotiating with partners, preparation for tokensale

Q4 2018

Tokensale 1st stage

Q1 2019

First exchange listings

Q2 2019

Listing on the majority of __ exchanges

Q3 2019

Antifraud module release

Q4 2019

Integration with marketing agencies

Q4 2019

The release of the technology that allows ADV tokens to be converted into fiat and other cryptocurrencies within the platform

Q1 2020

Integration with partnered advertising networks and ad exchanges

Q3 2020

The final version of Advento is released

Q4 2020

The release of the final mobile version

Q2 2018

Platform's alpha launch

Q4 2018

Platform's beta launch

Q1 2019

Advento analytics platform launch

Q1 2019

Tokensale 2nd stage

Q2 2019

Adblock evasion module release

Q3 2019

The release of API used to integrate with SSP, DSP and DMP platforms

Q4 2019

Blockchain core, based on double chain technology release

Q4 2019

Marketing campaign optimization module based on AI is released

Q2 2020

DMP based on AI launches

Q3 2020

Mobile beta launch

Our Team
  • 7 years of marketing experience, obsessed with developing new strategies in Digital and Programmatic, a god of targeted ads — this is Alexei, the most passionate manager you can find. Having founded and co-founded different marketing companies, all of which were successful, he now plays a leading role in a marketing agency “MakeTrue”, who work with banks, car dealerships and apartment complexes. He has been following blockchain technologies and the world of crypto since 2014 and has been advocating its usage throughout the years, investing and helping out in quite a few projects.

    Alexei Verkhovih CEO
  • Another team member with a massive experience, Sergei started off as an energy expert, having quickly become one of the most renowned Russian energy advisors to various boards, committees and ministries. He then switched his attention to the world of modern tech, swiftly navigating it and becoming a key figure in a few startups. His adaptability and vast network of contacts have already proved invaluable to Advento.

    Sergei Pikin Strategic development
  • 16 years of experience in marketing, organizing thousands of PR and GR campaigns, Anton is outstanding when it comes to advertisement. Mainly known as the man behind many regional and government-level ad campaigns, he is equally versed in brand establishment, including marketing support and market launch.

    Anton Gavrilov Co-founder, Marketing
  • Tokenomics is a tough field of expertise, but few nail it as well as Pavel, who is an expert in the blockchain tech Executive MBA, who lives and breathes crypto technologies. More than 17 years of business management, combined with vast knowledge in tokenomics, recruiting talent, managing a company and developing financial logic behind projects of different caliber make him one of the most sought-after blockchain experts.

    Pavel Gamzovich Project’s tokenomics
  • An incredibly experienced businessman whose 20 years of practice earned him a reputation of being a dream addition to any team. During these two decades, Oleg has both nurtured his own businesses and took different roles in other ones, including car dealerships, airline companies, real estate and software developing teams. The versatility Oleg brings to the table in terms of perspective is immense and combined with his experience it makes for one of the best COO’s a company could dream of having.

    Oleg Belyaev COO
  • A developer with tons of experience both as a programmer, who is well-versed in C++ and C# in particular, and as a supervisor, with some of his clients including Sberbank, Aeroflot, Raiffeisenbank and Toyota. He is also one of the co-founders of Digital Lab, one of the most respected Russian software developing companies, whose clients included Mercedes-Benz and Gazprom.

    Anton Kuchin Head of IT
  • Artem’s sphere of expertise lies within the realm of business development and sales. His experience with both B2B and B2C sales and e-commerce is invaluable to our project. He has worked for Gett, Deliver, fostered many sales departments, and is now an expert in the Russian business school “Vverkh” and is an expert for GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group), further proving his immense talent.

    Artem Kromochkin Commercial director
  • A blockchain enthusiast and crypto evangelist, Denis’s portfolio would take up this entire page if we were to list it fully. Knowledgeable in many frontend and backend languages and systems, his skill set also includes managing teams of different sizes, e-commerce, security, digital media and process optimization. Since he began his career in 2002, some of his clients have included NBC, Johnson and Johnson and NYSE, further proving his immense talent and expertise.

    Denis Shishkov Blockchain developer
  • Leon is a prolific sales manager, having established and supervised many sales departments in both small companies with restricted budgets, as well as giants like 2GIS and Deliver, but was, nevertheless, always successful. He also delved into the world of consulting, for years helping people improve their sales department and is a financial trainer.

    Leon Shemael Head of sales
  • Mikhail has been interested in community interactions since he was a teenager. First he managed a few of the gaming forums, moved on to local communities in university and finally switched to ICO community management. Now, using all of his experience, education, new technologies and methods, he aims to bring the best community interactions to Advento. His experience includes 2 years of being Head of Community in ICO projects, AdHive and Crypterium among them.

    Mikhail Smirnov Head of community
  • Anton has an extensive background in marketing, having more than 8 years of experience being a contextual advertising manager, developing and teaching several marketing courses at some of the most prestigious Russian universities. He also has years of experience as a development manager and a CEO, which gives him a unique perspective both from a marketing perspective, as well as a general management one.

    Anton Starchenkov Product manager
  • As a developer who received his masters degree from the University of Liverpool, Erik dedicated his career to developing complicated tracking and security systems, as well as automating business processes. More than 6 years of .NET development saw him become a back-end pro with a focus of particularly high-load systems and web services.

    Erik Martirosyan Developer
  • Dmitri is an expert in developing prediction models, neurological networks and artificial intelligence, as well as electronic document flow systems and automated exchange trading systems In addition, his experience as a frontend and backend developer, as well as his proficiency with django, cms, python, javascript and python makes him one of the best and most versatile developers in our team and a widely respected professional.

    Dmitri Fedotov Developer
  • A young expert in the field of IT, Evgeniy has made a name for himself working for such titans as Vnukovo airport, Haval and Eurasian Development Bank. He is proficient with automated systems as well as developing financial and analytical structures.

    Evgeniy Alvukhin Developer

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